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Unwavering Determination

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It was January 15, 2008, when Vicky Hall last saw her daughter, Kadie’s beautiful smile beam in excitement. Vicky was babysitting her granddaughter River for Kadie while she went to her doctor’s appointment. Kadie was pregnant with her second child and ecstatic to find out that she was having a boy. 

On February 26, 2014, Rae Andreacchio heard her son Christian’s voice for the very last time when they briefly spoke on the phone around 7:45 am. The two had a short conversation and planned to continue their talk later. 

These two mothers are living in a nightmare filled with unanswered questions. These two mothers have an unwavering determination to find the truth behind the death of their children. 

christian-andreacchio-murderedChristian was a charming hardworking young man with the world in his grasp. Christian knew what he wanted to do with his life, and he was on track and in line with his goals. 

Kadie was married had a beautiful daughter and a son on the way. She was living her dream life. 

February 26, 2014, a few short hours after talking to his mom, Christian was brutally murdered in his apartment. His murder ruled a suicide under an hour of an inept police investigation. 

January 16, 2008, Kadie and River were reported missing. After a day of frantic searching, Vicky finds out that Kadie and River had been found dead, and quickly ruled a murder-suicide. 

If you’re wondering how a hard-working man with a well-planned future would all the sudden decide to leave work, go home to kill himself, you’re not alone. If you’re also wondering how a happy mom with a baby on the way would kill her daughter and then herself, you’re not alone. 

Christian did not kill himself in the bathroom of his apartment on that February day in 2014. He was murdered. You can learn more about Christian’s murder by listening to the Culpable podcast at You can join our discussion group as well and the group run by his family Justice for Christian Andreacchio

Kadie did not kill her daughter and then herself on that January day in 2008. She was murdered and there is one suspect, her husband. You can watch the 48 Hours episode on Kadie’s case here You can join our discussion group on Kadie’s case here You can join the family page here

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