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The Dixie Mafia and the Games People Play

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**New Podcast Alert**

Charles L. Sargent author of SINS OF HENRY COUNTY is launching a new podcast based off his book.

“The Dixie Mafia and the Games People Play”. “I have enough evidence to cover four murders, committed in one day, by the Dixie Mafia to protect the Atlanta’s D.A. and the Police Commissioner for their corruption as well as many other corrupt officials throughout Georgia … Specifically in Henry County. This podcast is actually a prequel and a sequel to my book Sins of Henry County When you think about the fact that Atlanta’s police commissioner Reginald Eaves and the Sheriff of Henry County both were sent to prison, it might be a little easier to believe the results of my 10 year investigation. I’m really excited find out how Atlanta is going to take all this.” Charles L. Sargent

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