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Ekaterina Karaglanova Semochkina Murdered

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~Ekaterina Karaglanova -Semochkina (24) Victim
~Maxim Gareyev (33)
~Moscow, Russia

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~Authorities believe the slaying took place on July 22, 2019

~Ekaterina is a well known beauty and travel blogger on Instagram, with over 85,000 followers. She recently graduated medical school where she received a doctrine in Dermatology.

~Ekaterina had recently started a new relationship with an older man and on July 22nd she made a post about him taking her to the Netherlands for her 25th birthday on July 30th.

~Days following Ekaterina’s last social media post (July 22) her parents were unable to reach her. At first her mom thought she may have left earlier than planned for her getaway in the Netherlands. But after 4 days of not hearing from her daughter and no social media posts of any kind, she feared the worst.

~Ekaterina’s distraught parents contacted her land Lord and he agreed to met then at her apartment on Pyryena Street downtown.

~Upon entering her apartment a suitcase could be seen in the hallway with what appeared to be toes hanging out. Ekaterina’s father discovered her naked body inside the suitcase. The only thing on Ematerina’s body was a suspender belt. Her dad called authorities and for an ambulance but she was already deceased.

~Police say there was no sign of a struggle inside the apartment.

~During the Investigation it was determined Ekaterina had been stabbed 6 times in her neck and torso, along with her throat being slit.

~Video surveillance of the entrance of her apartment showed her ex-boyfriend Maxim entering the building and leaving with what appeared to be a heavy suit case and wearing dark colored gloves.

~Maxim allegedly cleaned up the apartment and packed blood stained clothing along with the Murder weapon.

~He took the suit case and disposed of it in the outside bin.

~On Wednesday August 31,2019 Maxim who’s an IT specialist was questioned by detectives in his apartment in the Moscow region before being bundled into a police vehicle and taken for formal questioning by the Russian Investigative Committee.

~While under surveillance Maxim dramatically admitted to brutally killing Ekaterina. His reasoning was “She’s insulting my sexual prowess and earning power, and I could not stand that!”

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