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The Bardstown Murders Podcast

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Bardstown podcastBardstown, Kentucky the “Bourbon Capital of the World” and once voted “The Most Beautiful Small Town In America” holds some chilling dark secrets that we only see in the movies. The Bardstown Murders Podcast is a new podcast that will peel back the layers surrounding four unsolved murders and a disappearance haunting the small town since 2013.

Listen to the Bardstown Podcast Trailer.

Journalist Jessica Noll and co-host Shay McAlister will be diving into the Bardstown murders in their new podcast releasing on August 28, 2019. Jessica also hosts a podcast with Will Johnson, True Crime Chronicles, where they cover serial killer cases, cold cases, missing persons, and under reported cases.

There are five unsolved deaths and disappearances called “The Bardstown Murders” or “The Nelson County Murders” that haunt the small town in Kentucky. That’s not all that haunts this small town nestled in Kentucky and that is “The Cornbread Mafia”. The Cornbread Mafia is a group of farmers who ran the largest marijuana operation in the United States.

The Bardstown Podcast will unfold the story of the five deaths and disappearances that still remained unsolved. The first incident took place in 2013 when police officer Jason Ellis ambushed and murdered in cold blood by a 12-gauge shotgun. In April 2014 the small town was rocked again with a double homicide of 48-year-old Kathy Netherland and her 16-year-old daughter, Samantha.

While both of these cases yielded little leads the county was thrown a curve with the disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Crystal was last seen with her then boyfriend, Brooks Houck and their child. He did not report her missing her mother. Crystal was last seen in July 2015. There was a lot of things with this case, I won’t get in to them as the podcast will cover the twists and turns regarding Crystal.

Crystal’s father, Tommy Ballard was investigating his daughters disappearance himself. He may have been on to something we will never know because he too was mysteriously killed. He was hunting with his grandson on November 19, 2016. They were hunting on family property when Tommy was shot and killed. To this day his death still has not been classified as a murder.

What is going on in Bardstown? Who wants to keep these murders unsolved? Are these cases connected?

Find out with me starting August 28, 2019 when Bardstown the podcast starts to tell the story of “The Bardstown Murders”.

Now back to Jessica’s other podcast True Crime Chronicles. When I found the group run by Jessica called Gone Cold I reached out to Jessica and she introduced me to the True Crime Chronicles podcast. I spent the rest of the day listening to each episode that is already out. Each week Jessica and her co-host Will cover cases that not many people may know about. As a true crime addict for over 20 years there were more than a couple that I hadn’t ever heard about.

true crime chronicles podcast

You will love these podcasts, each week is it’s own case so you don’t have to wait to find out what happens next. They dive right into each story and wrap them up within about 30 minutes or less. These are perfect for the commute to and from work. I love the way they tell each story and they interview various people involved with each case.

Here is the list of their current episodes on True Crime Chronicles and the description of each episode as it is on their podcast:

Episode 1. Little Sky Gone

A young child vanishes near Seattle, Washington in 2011, and the story surrounding his disappearance is bizarre.  We dig into the shocking story of Sky Metalwala.

Episode 2. Mr. X

Dozens of murders go unsolved in and around Atlanta in the mid-1990s – the largest cluster of strangulations in American history. And today there could be a link to a ruthless serial killer.

Episode 3. The Redhead Murders

A string of gruesome murders.  Redheaded women killed and dumped along interstates in and near Tennessee and Kentucky in the mid-1980’s.  More than three decades later new information continues to emerge.  New clues and new victim identifications.  But is it enough to find the killer or killers?

Episode 4. A Cult Comes to Town

Neighbors in rural Georgia were surprised to see an Egyptian city rise up in their backyard. They were even more surprised to learn what was happening behind the locked gates.

Episode 5. Vanished on the Way Home

In 1993, a nine-year old girl went missing on her way home from the bus stop. The news stunned people in and around St. Louis. This week, we cover the story of Angie Housman with the help of investigators and reporters who have been close to the case for almost three decades.

Episode 6. Speed Freak Killers

Two best friends addicted to killing. A string of grisly murders over decades. Learn how the Speed Freak Killers turned on each other and led police to a graveyard of horror.

Episode 7. The Icebox Murders

It was a gruesome crime that horrified Houston, Texas over fifty years ago. Today, the double homicide of an elderly couple is still an open case. We’ll tell you what we’ve learned about the case, the suspect and what happened to him, and possibly why he committed such an evil act.

Episode 8. The Devil Went Down to Texas

A teenager goes missing in a small Texas town. But it’s the investigation in the years to follow that brings the spotlight to Gilmer, Texas and charges that stun residents to this day.

Episode 9. The Boys on the Tracks

Two Arkansas teens head out for a night of hunting, but they never return home. Three autopsies later, it’s determined they were murdered in the early morning hours. The case and the investigation is overshadowed by corruption, drug cartels, and corruption. This week we’ll tell you the story of a cold case that still stirs up emotions for residents of a small town in Arkansas.

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