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Forensic Files II

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Forensic Files II

Calling all True Crime Addicts!! One of your favorite crime shows is back!

Forensic Files II Premieres February 2020 Exclusively on HLN
with 16 Half-Hour Episodes

Forensic Files is back with all new cases. HLN and secured producing rights from Medstar Television and this February 2020 HLN will start airing all new Forensic Files episodes. Staying true to the Forensic Files original format there are just a few differences, new cases and a new narrator.

Forensic Files was first brought to us back on April 23, 1996 and ended on June 17, 2011. HLN has been showing reruns of the popular true crime show for years. Now they are happy to relight the torch and bring us fresh new episodes.

“Forensic Files is the most recognized, celebrated and imitated series within its genre,” said Jautz. After more than 20 years, it’s amazing that one of the earliest crime docu-series still boasts the most loyal viewers and fan base. It’s a testament to the excellent work of Paul Dowling and his team, and HLN is honored to continue the Forensic Files legacy,” he added.

“For the past eight years, a multitude of networks have vied for the rights to this exceptional program,” said Nancy Duffy, vice president, program development, CNN and Executive Producer, Forensic Files II. “We are so grateful to Paul Dowling who agreed that HLN was the logical choice to pick up the mantle and refresh, not re-invent, the series,” she added.

To celebrate the announcement, this week HLN will begin airing the “Best of Forensic Files” weeknights at 10p ET featuring iconic episodes and fan favorites from the series library. These episodes will also be available On Demand via cable/satellite systems.

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