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Ezra McCandless murder trial

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Killer Girlfriend Murder Trial

WI V. Ezra McCandless

Thursday, March 22, 2018 Alexander Woodworth was brutally murdered by Ezra McCandless. Was it self defense or cold blooded murder?

McCandless’ trial begins Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Watch the trial on

McCandless shows up to a house covered in blood and mud with words scratched into her arm. The homeowner called 911 and a sheriff shows up and takes her to the hospital. She claimed she was attacked at a park and the perpetrator was Alexander Woodworth.

Doctors had noted that McCandless’ wounds could have been self inflicted. Meanwhile police were looking for Woodworth to question him about McCandless’ accusations. ¬†Alexander’s body was found inside of McCandless’ car with multiple stab wounds.

McCandless is claiming self defense. She claims that Alexander and violently raped her and she killed him in self defense. McCandless claims she had gone to break things off with him and he wanted one last go round. Apparently they had a consensual sexual relationship that consisted of some violence.

McCandless filed a report of sexual assault with the Eau Claire Police Department one month before Woodworth was stabbed. Law Enforcement considered the sexual assault claims to be false and an attempt to cover up a consensual sexual relationship with a different man. Sexually graphic text messages, allegedly between McCandless and the man accused of the assault, show the encounter was consensual. Allegedly McCandless was sexually involved with three men at the same time in February 2018.

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