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Christian Andreacchio Update 2021

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Christian Andreacchio Update 2021

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Christian Andreacchio Update 2021

Here is a recap and Christian Andreacchio update 2021:

On February 26th, 2014 Christian Andreacchio left his job to go home and break up with his girlfriend Whitley, after he found out she was cheating on him. He called Dylan, a mutual friend of theirs to come pick him up and bring him home. Christian arrived at home at approximately 11:23 AM and at 4:44 PM Dylan called 911 to report Christian had committed suicide. Christians last confirmed communication to anyone besides Whitley and Dylan was a phone call with his mother at 7:45 AM. 

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Since the Culpable podcast in 2019 many things have happened in the case of Christian Andreacchio. The case file was released to anyone who asked for it with a FOIA request. Everything in the file including un-redacted personal information and autopsy photos were released.

However, it’s not what was in the file that later became important. It is what was missing from the files that sheds light on some shady business going on within the justice system.

It was discovered that the case file that was presented to the first grand jury did not include detective Arrington’s narratives. Detective Arrington believed the case needed further investigation and he at one point in his narrative suggested Whitley was responsible.

In January 2021 CBS 48 Hours covered The Suspicious Death of Christian Andreacchio¬†. During the episode the District Attorney was interviewed and she made claims that the Arrington narratives were in fact presented to the grand jury. After more investigation 48 Hours discovered that Arrington’s narratives were NOT presented to the grand jury.

Since 48 Hours aired in January it took an additional 3 months for the DA to petition for a new prosecutor. She petitioned to have herself recused as well did the Attorney Generals office. The judge had granted the DA’s recusal however he did not grant the AGO recusal. He ordered the AGO to investigate the case and report back to him by September 1st, 2021.

Christian Andreacchio Timeline


Estimated Time Line:
based on statements and phone records

  • 1:37 am Christian calls Dylan using for him to pick him up
  • 4:16 am Dylan is in Meridian getting gas
  • 4:57 am Dylan tweets: Meridian to New Orleans to Vicksburg and back to Meridian before lunch (No trip to Vicksburg was made)
  • 4:59 am Dylan calls Whitley
  • 5:03 am Dylan calls Whitley
  • 7:43 Christian talks to his mom, making plans for a future event (last confirmed communication Christian had with anyone besides Dylan and Whitley)
  • 8:00 am Dylan picks up Christian
  • 11:23 am Christian and Dylan arrive home
  • 11:38 Christian gets a text message from a friend – he never answers
  • 11:43 am Whitley uses a burner phone to contact Matt asking him to come get her, Christian is kicking her out
  • 12:00-12:30 pm Neighbor hears gunshot (she was unsure of the time)
  • 12:27 pm Dylan calls BK who works at a bank. The call lasts 9 minutes
  • 12:29 pm Dylan on camera in bank
  • 12:36 pm Dylan texts Christian’s phone
  • 12:37 pm Christian’s phone texts Dylan
  • 12:39 pm Dylan gets text from Christian’s phone
  • 12:40 pm Dylan calls Christian’s phone
  • 12:43 pm Dylan texts Christian’s phone
  • 12:55 pm Dylan calls BK
  • 1:06 pm Dylan is at CFA
  • 1:12 pm BK calls Dylan
  • 1:19 pm Dylan calls BK
  • 1:23 BK calls Dylan
  • 1:32 pm a call to Matt Miller from Christian’s phone
  • 1:32-3:21 pm – no phone activity on Christian or Dylan’s phones
  • 3:21 pm BK calls Dylan
  • 3:44 pm – 3:50 pm 8 calls to Matt from Christian’s phone – 2 calls to Matt from Dylan’s phone – 2 calls from a 3rd caller to Matt’s phone**
  • 4:15 pm neighbor sees truck parked and running
  • 4:44 pm Dylan calls 911
  • 4:48 pm 2 calls to Whitley’s mom
  • 4:49 call to Whitley’s aunt
  • 4:50 – 4:55 pm call to Dylan’s mom – few calls to Whitley and Dylan’s family – NO call to Christian’s family
  • 5:04 pm first officer on scene
  • 5:11 pm call to Matt from Christian’s phone
  • 5:36 pm BK calls Dylan
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