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Can you name the victim of this unsolved crime?

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This case dates back to the eighties. The victim is a woman in her thirties. Ten years after her murder a suspect was arrested and charged with her murder. Two years later he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Nine years later his sentence was vacated due to DNA evidence from the crime scene indicated that he was not the responsible party. The Attorney General later exonerated him and to this date no one has been arrested for the murder.


In the early morning hours on a winter day a bicyclist stumbled upon a body in a field. Coroner report states she died of a knife wound to her upper back. She was sexually mutilated. Not to give away too much details but the mutilation that happened had to be done by someone with skills, surgical skills.

The person who was arrested for her murder had seen her body earlier in the day but claimed he thought it was something different. While law enforcement questioned neighbors of the area someone close to the person arrested had told law enforcement they saw him (person that was arrested) close to the area of the body that morning before the bicyclist discovered her.

This caused law enforcement to focus on this person as their main suspect. He was a minor by the way. Although there was zero physical evidence to tie him to her murder law enforcement kept their focus on him. They did find tons of violent writings and drawings as well as a knife collection and pornography in the possession of their main suspect. They conducted hours of interrogations and the suspect maintained his innocence. He took a lie detector that resulted in inconclusive results. Hair and fingerprints that were collected from the scene didn’t match their suspect either. Law enforcement even published false information to try and trip up this suspect. They even had intense surveillance on him still no slip-ups.

Although he maintained his innocence over years of questioning the focus remained on him as the likely suspect. Several years later a friend of the suspect told law enforcement that the suspect had told him details of the sexual mutilation. When questioned the suspect said no, it was the other way around and that person told him the details. He claimed he had insider information, this later checked out to be true. The old friend was lying.

Despite the repeated denial of the suspect murder charges were brought up. During the course of the trial the suspects writings were a focus of the prosecution. Some would say his violent mind and expressions of it got him wrongfully convicted of murder. After a couple appeals along with the hairs and fingerprints not matching the convicted suspect was released. The hairs turned out to actually belong to the victims on and off again boyfriend.

Alternate Suspects

There were two alternate suspects. One was the on and off boyfriend. He was quickly ruled out the first time however I have little details on why. The second suspect was a surgeon, he was arrested on charges of video taping females in bathrooms, he had tons of pornography, and he lived within eye view of where the victims’ body was found. He committed suicide before law enforcement could investigate him and all evidence in his case was destroyed so there was no way to tie him to her.

Can you name the victim in this unsolved crime?

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