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Auriel Callaway Murdered Athens Georgia

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~Auriel Callaway (24) Victim

~Kiresa Cooper(27) Suspect

~Athens, Georgia

~Monday July 22, 2019

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~Auriel was killed Monday night by a stray bullet as she was shielding her son from an onslaught of bullets flying around outside her Clark Garden Apartment Complex.

~Witnesses say 2 different group of kids were arguing outside in the parking lot of the apartment complex when several adults got involved. Monday night around 9:30pm.

~As soon as the argument started to heat up and escalate Auriel said, ” I’m fixing to go ya’ll I’m taking my baby in the house” And Auriel grabbed her three -year-old old son Mason up and started running towards the safety oh their apartment.

~Aruriel didn’t make it very far when she collapsed to the ground.

~When The ACCPD arrived on scene they discovered Auriel suffering from injuries that consistent gunshot wounds. Officers tried performing life-saving procedures before she was rushed to the area local hospital and pronounced DOA.

~Auriel was 4 months pregnant and her unborn child didn’t survive either . Madison her 3 year old son she was protecting didn’t sustain any injuries.

~Authorities put the apartment complex on lock down and was granted multiple search warrant for particular apartments. Looking for the suspect. In a news conference the Captain mentioned the people questioned could be possible witnesses or they could also be persons of interest.

~Athens Police Department detained 8 people and took them to the station to be questioned . After hours of questioning police dismissed all 8 of the individuals.

~Wednesday July 24th authorities held a press conference and announced an arrest had been made in regards to Auriel’s death.

~Kiresa was arrested and lodged into the county jail on charges of one count of felony murder and one count of aggravated assault.


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