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Arthur Ream, serial killer?

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Arthur Ream is currently serving a sentence for the 1st degree murder of Cindy Zarzycki. Recently while in prison Ream has been talking about some other missing person cases that he could possibly be involved in. Is Arthur Ream a serial killer?

Cindy Zarzycki was 13 years old when she was sexual assaulted and murdered by her boyfriend’s father Arthur Ream. Her body wasn’t discovered for 22 years. Arthur Ream lured Cindy to a local Dairy Queen under the impression she was going to a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Scott. At the time it wasn’t known who she was meeting and why. Law enforcement treated Cindy’s disappearance as a runaway case. Several years had passed and a new detective took over the case. That detective had plans to meet with Scott Ream and go over anything he might remember. Sadly Scott was killed in a car accident and the meeting never took place. That detective left the force and a new detective took over. Scott Ream’s mother was disturbed by some allegations that her son may have had something to do with Cindy’s disappearance. When she contacted the new detective she shed some light on Arthur Ream and his child molesting charge he had in 1975. Arthur Ream was again arrested in the 90’s for another molesting charge.

Oddly enough the detective turned to a physic. The physic told the detective that she was murdered and the detective would be seeing the killer soon, in jail, because he was incarcerated for another crime. The physic had no idea that the detective was going to be visiting Arthur Ream. The physic went on to describe the location of Cindy’s body. The detective went to visit Ream and told him he knew he knew where Cindy’s body was. Arthur wasn’t giving anything up during that interview. Later a search warrant was issued to search a warehouse that Ream owned. During that search they found a saved newspaper clipping of Cindy’s disappearance. The clipping was from a paper after 1995, a trophy?

Ream was due to be released on parole so the detective was able to arrest Ream on murder charges of Cindy. While the detective transported him to Eastpointe they stopped at his sons grave. They gave him flowers to place on his grave and then took the shot at his softer side and asked again where Cindy was. Later in the interrogation room Ream decided to speak out about Cindy’s disappearance. With a game of cat and mouse he never led law enforcement to her location.

The case went to trial. The jury wasn’t allowed to know about the other sexual assault convictions. It was an uphill battle for the prosecution. Although it seemed it would go towards a not guilty verdict something surprising happened. Ream decided to a plea deal. He didn’t want to admit to murdering her but he would lead them to the body. The plea deal fell through because Ream didn’t want to serve more than 10 years. Closing arguments resumed. The verdict came back guilty for 1st degree murder.

Just after the trial the detective went to talk to Ream again. Ream admitted to killing her but still didn’t want to give up the location. The detective’s strategy changed and let Ream believe that Ream was old news and they didn’t care about what happened and they just want to know where her body is. Ream didn’t like what he was hearing; he didn’t want to give up center stage. Ream reluctantly wanted people to know what happened (his version). The detective left again with no new information. A week later Ream gave up a map leading them to her body. After several digs they finally found Cindy’s body.

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