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Alyssa Marie Mejia Rogers Murdered

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~Alyssa Marie Mejia Rogers(24) Wife/Victim
~Edward “ED” Rogers Jr.(66) Husband/Suspect
~Arlington , Texas
~Monday July, 29, 2019

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••••I did not edit, correct or take anything from this post. It’s exactly in Alyssa’s words. So there’s errors and at times very hard to understand. So I tried to put info in parentheses after her statements to better understand what she’s saying. But several times I couldn’t confirm exactly who or what she was referring to •••

~March 21, 2018 Alyssa Posted to a Prayer Warrior’s Page
~Prayers for me and first born son Zachary.
~Be us safe, have peace and both healthy life.
~Marry ED Rogers but I don’t think it will work out.
~Gods will in my life and have my baby with me.
~Baby is 2 months good to be new mom but can’t live without him.• (Referring to she can’t have her baby taken away from her)•
~March 27, 2018 “Exit pin game resentment sis. ” was the title of the post Alyssa made in the group, “Pinay Life In U.S.A. ”
~I have been here in the USA for almost 10 months.
~And in 10 months my life has been unhealthy.
~His wife and I’ve got to find an answer. I have an 11 year old step son, who grabbed me and smiled at my face after his dad pushed me then I told them to back off. Wife had he same thing happen to her. •(Wife- Jennifer Rogers who is actually Ex’s ex-wife)•
~I called 911. But during call they took my phone and started HELL in the form of my life.
I can’t tell you everything
~March 29th
~I thought baby came home from school but I was in the bedroom. •(Baby – Stepson)•
He talked to me for a moment and then called his mom and I just realized that he didn’t have the baby so I called his grandma to ask her if she knew where he was but she had no idea. •(Grandma – Jackie Lee which is Jennifer’s mom)•
~So then he came back and I asked him where did you go ?
~Said to friends Lang once he left again. This time I followed him and saw him laugh and he said stay away from me.
~I say whats wrong? Then I saw the mark on her neck.
~I freaked out. I asked him where she got from. Then I called the 911 and I said what happened.
~Police arrived and the boy was up.• (Child Protective Services removed her Stepson from their residence. He now lives with his grandma Jackie Lee in Fort Worth)•
~I kidnap my phone for him and I hug him.
~I was so angry that I was framed. I don’t know who sent him. I’m 7 months pregnant.
“I was so angry that I was being framed. I don’t know who hurt him. I am 7 months pregnant with my first baby.
~ I left the house because I don’t want to put up with their lies and shit again.
~I had enough.I staying with my friend that way now.
~There was danger in my revenge. The placenta had gotten very low and baby came soon after fight.
~Back here with him afraid We will lose the same for my son.
~I have so much fear for my baby and me. I’m having a hard time. It was hard work.
~Please ask me for advice on what to do. And I have nothing to do financially
~. I’m knocking on my heart not to leave like wife. But because I don’t have insurance I can not.
~I don’t want to go back home.
~It’s been 2 days since then and i’m at young age.
~”thank you, Mariyey”
~2004 Ed was charged with Murder in the slaying of 41 year-old Dwight Dorough In Benbrook.
~Police said that the two men, who were co-workers at Bell Helicopter, started fighting at a pool party. An altercation broke out leaving Dwight with stab wounds In the chest.
~After the jury deadlock and the judge declared a mistrial.
~May 2006 Ed pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to rights years of deferred -adjudication probation.
~The case was later dismissed In 2014 after he completed his probation.
~September 2014 Jennifer Rogers divorced Ed after 12 years of domestic abuse.
~December 2016 Ed met Alyssa, a native of the Philippines on line.
~June 26, 2016 Ed and Alyssa got married.
~In October 2018 Ed was arrested for chocking Alyssa
~January 14, 2019 Ed was charged with chocking Alyssa while brandishing a knife.
~February 11,2019 is the last domestic disturbance call received according to Arlington Police.
~He was arrested on two counts of family-violence assault, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of interfering with an emergency call.
~Part of the conditions of his bond set in February 2019 , He was prohibited from having and contact with Alyssa.
~June 12, 2019 Alyssa’s family had came to visit her because of the incidents that had been occurring with Ed. Her family helped her move out of the home she had been sharing with Ed the last two years.
~When Alyssa’s family was to return back to the Philippines she sent her son Zachary, with them to live until all her court hearings against Ed were resolved.
~June 21, 2019 Ed pleaded guilty to all charges against Alyssa. He had a sentencing that was set for August following a pre-sentence investigation.
~Monday July 29, 2019 Edward Rogers, 66, was found dead at his home on 5211 Livermore Drive in Arlington from a single gunshot wound to the head in an apparent suicide.
~ Alyssa’s body was also uncovered in a freezer out in the garage, where it is alleged to have been for eight days.
~Arlington Police say they received a tip regarding Alyssa’s murder by a friend of Ed, who had been invited over to his residence to talk to him.
~The friend said that Ed opened the freezer door before he ‘grabbed Alyssa’s buttocks , smirked, and stated , “Damn she’s cold.’😲
~Ed had been calling family members the previous days to say he loved them and was sorry for what he had put them through.
~The friend said Ed told him he was going through a turbulent divorce and was suffering from depression.
~On Thursday or Friday, the friend met Ed at an El Fenix restaurant in Arlington, which is when he stated his wife had falsely accused him of hitting and injuring her. Ed said Alyssa had accused him of assaulting her, run texted door and called the police and had him arrested.
~After his arrest, Alyssa filed a protective order against him.
~Ed told his friend that Alyssa showed up at their Livermore Drive home and enticed him into having sex with her while she recorded the act. He said she told him that now she had proof that he had violated the protective order.
~Ed later told his friend that he expected to go to prison because of his extensive criminal history and his guilty plea to the domestic violence charge.
~On Sunday July 28th, the friend said he received a series of text messages from Ed, saying that it was very important that they meet.
Ed picked the friend up in his car and brought him to his house, and then told him that he had killed his wife, which the friend didn’t actually believe. That’s when Ed opened the freezer and showed him her body.
~Ed told his friend that he needed to write some letters first, but afterward he was going to commit suicide. The friend immediately told Ed that he wanted to go home.
~On the way back to his house, Ed told the friend that Alyssa had said, “I got you.” Ed said that’s when the two begin to argue. Ed said Alyssa got up in his face and that’s when he pushed her. He said Alyssa fell backwards and hit her head on the corner of some unknown object, according to the affidavit.
~During the Investigation detectives were able to corroborate the friend ’s statements by seeing text messages and cell phone records that Ed and the friend sent to each other, the search warrant said.
~The friend told authorities him and Ed had worked together in the past before he was convicted of manslaughter. The friend stated Ed was the Machinist at Bell Helicopter where they both were employed.
~Neighbor Amanda Wyatt, has lived on Livermore Drive for about the past four months and was home Monday afternoon when police cars swarmed the residence. She walked down the street to check out what was going on and said she smelled something foul coming from the garage. She said she knew immediately the outcome wasn’t good.
~Several other neighbors said police had responded to the home several times over the past couple of years, and some neighbors had even tried to get the Alyssa into a domestic violence shelter.
~Ed’s ex-mother-in-law, Jackie Lee just can’t wrap her heard around news that’s left her shocked, even if it wasn’t unforeseeable.
~Jackie said the person who called her was Ed’s son in California.She said that he told her he ‘s spoken to his father earlier, when he confessed that he had killed Alyssa more than a week earlier.
~“She was in the freezer for eight days,” said Jackie ,
~Alyssa ‘s cause of death is still undetermined.

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